How long is the healing process?

Your brows will take 10 days to heal. During that week, it is encouraged you to let them naturally exfoliate off. This means keeping them out of water, sweat, steam, etc. Once the scabbing phase passes, the brows will appear lighter, and their true color should come out after 4 weeks. As long as you’re good at following aftercare instructions, there shouldn’t be a problem going to work or being out in public.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

In the week before your appointment, it's recommended to avoid blood thinners, aspirin or using retinol creams. No alcohol 24 hours before procedure and no caffeine the morning of your appointment. Come with your brows penciled in so we can see how you like and are used to having them.

Will you draw the shape on first?

Yes, we won’t start on you until you agree with the color selected and the shape.

Can I wear makeup after?

Not on the brows for at least two weeks but everywhere else is fine.

Is the second appointment necessary?

For microblading, at least two appointments are needed initially, at least 4-6 weeks apart. Touch ups are done no earlier than 4 weeks of your initial procedure and no later than 8. If you do not schedule your touchup within 8 weeks, you will be required to pay a touch up fee outlined in the touch up schedule. At the touch up, we assess the color retention and make adjustments as necessary. Everyone heals differently and at different rates. We can always go bolder and add more density and correct any irregularities in the microbladed hair strokes during the touch up.

How will my eyebrows look right after the procedure? Do I need to go home and hide for a couple of days?

They will look great! They may be a little darker for a couple of days, no bruising and very minimal swelling. You can go out to dinner the same day, just don't drink alcohol, because it makes you sweat, (unlikely) bleed, or bruise.

Does it hurt afterwards?

The area can be a little sore for the first few hours and tender for a few days.

I had my brows microbladed somewhere else, can you do my touch up?

If you have been microbladed elsewhere, no, we will not work on other Aestheticians work.

What should I avoid after treatment?

DO NOT use any Retin A or Glycolic Acids while healing.

DO NOT use peroxide or Neospirin on ANY areas.

DO NOT scrub or pick microbladed areas.

AVOID heavy sweating for the first 10 days.

DO NOT expose area to sun or tanning beds for 3-4 weeks after procedure.

DO NOT dye or tweeze eyebrows for 10 days after procedure.

AVOID facials, swimming, and whirlpools, for at least 10 days.


Pregnant or nursing

History of keloids or hypertrophic scarring


Chemotherapy (at least a year out and require doctor's clearance)

Diabetic (require doctor's clearance)

Viral infections or diseases

Pacemaker or major heart problems

Organ transplant

Had botox in the last 2 weeks

Skin irritations or Psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.)

Used Accutane in the past year

Uncontrolled high blood pressure, poor general health