Use a lash wand

Brush your extensions in the morning, after showering, or as needed to reduce tangling and flipping of the extension.

Check product ingredients

Avoid using cleansers, eye makeup removers, or mascaras that contain solvent-like ingredients such as glycols, carbonates, and high percentages of alcohol as they can reduce the wear time of your extensions.

Do not use lash curlers

Curling of the Novalash extensions is not recommended. The extensions come pre-curled so additional curling is not necessary. Doing so can shorten the lifespan of the extensions.

Avoid pulling

Avoid pulling, picking, or twisting lash extensions. This can cause damage to natural lashes and may lead to premature shedding of your extensions.

Schedule your fills

Visit River’s Edge Spa & Salon for a fill appointment every 2-4 weeks. Or, when you notice about 50% of your extensions have grown out.