Customized Massage Pressure can range between gentle (Swedish) to deep (Deep Tissue) depending on needs or preference. A unique and effective session for each guest. 50 Minutes $90 60 Minutes $115 80 Minutes $140

River Stone Massage $155 80 Minutes. Warm stones are used to melt away tension and ease muscle soreness.

Mother To Be Massage Customized for the changing body of expecting Mothers. 50 Minutes $90 60 Minutes $115 80 Minutes $140

Craniosacral Therapy $105 70 Minutes. A gentle, non-invasive method of light massage. Beneficial for treating chronic pain, migraines, TMJ, and improving overall mobility. (Fully clothed)

Reflexology $60 45 Minutes. During this therapeutic massage, the massage therapist will use techniques to stimulate certain areas of the hands and feel. Reflexology improves nerve function, increases energy, boosts circulation, and eliminates toxins from the body. (Fully clothed)

Enhance your massage with any of the following

Aromatherapy $10

Craniosacral Therapy (30 Minutes) $45

Reflexology (30 Minutes) $45

Face Massage (10 Minutes) $15

Extended Foot Massage (15 Minutes) $25

Extended Scalp Massage (15 Minutes) $25

Luxurious Foot Exfoliation $15

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