Indulgent Massage Therapy

Our licensed Massage Therapists blend your needs and their knowledge to create a unique effective session.

Customized Massage
Pressure designed for your needs – Specializing in either Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage
50 min - $90
60 min - $115
80 min - $140

River Stone Massage
Warm stones are used to melt away tension and ease muscle soreness
80 min - $140

Mother To Be Massage
Customized massage for the changing body of the Mother To Be
50 min - $90 80 min-$140

Craniosacral Therapy, Full Service
A gentle method of light touch used to evaluate and treat malfunctions involving the brain and spinal cord. 
70 min - $105.... (fully clothed)

Reflexology, Full Service
The Massage Therapist stimulates reflexes in the foot, hands and or ears, through pressure, stretch and movement. Reflexology is relaxing and promotes health and well-being.
40 min - $60.... (fully clothed)

Add any of the following treatments to any Massage:
30 Minute treatment - $45
Add to any session for only - $10

River’s Edge Scalp or Foot Massage
15 minutes - $25
Lalicious Foot Exfoliation Treatment - $15
Face Massage
- (10mins) $15

Decadent Body Treatments

Oligomer Spa Replenishing Scrub & Massage
Deeply relaxing and re-energizing, this new body treatment offers a unique multisensorial experience based on OLIGOMER®, PHYTOMER'S mythic active ingredient with remineralizing and fortifying benefits. Its specific tranquilizing massage technique, works on tight muscles to erase tension. Pressure points are activiated to rebalance energy flow. - $140

Sea Foam Body Wrap
DETOXIOFYING and HYDRATING. Tight muscles, joints, and tendons will be soothed as a wrap in intensely active self-heating marine mud draws toxins from deep within. This treatment leaves your body detoxified, remineralized, and fully oxygenated. - $130

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